A Georgia doctor who approached police officers while suffering some sort of medical emergency on the night of June 8 is now facing several serious narcotics charges. The man was treated at a Marietta hospital before being transported to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center. The 43-year-old Smyrna resident is being held without bond on charges including fentanyl trafficking, possessing ketamine with the intent to distribute, Oxycodone and THC wax possession and disorderly conduct.

The events that led to the doctor’s arrest took place on Georgia State Route 92 near Woodstock. The man is said to have approached Woodstock Police Department officers and asked for medical assistance. The officers called investigators from the Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad to the scene after determining that the doctor was under the influence of drugs and conducting a search of his person and vehicle.

These searches allegedly resulted in the discovery and seizure of 16.2 grams of a substance believed to be fentanyl, 10 vials containing a substance believed to be ketamine hydrochloride, two containers that each held about an ounce of THC wax and an undisclosed number of Oxycodone pills. Police also claim to have found an unspecified amount of U.S. currency. A records check revealed that the doctor works at two pain management clinics in Cherokee County and has been practicing medicine since 2006.

A criminal defense attorney may seek to have seized drugs excluded when the police officers involved chose not to obtain a warrant. While law enforcement officers are permitted to conduct warrantless searches, they may only do so when they have good reason to believe that evidence of ongoing criminal activity will be found. An attorney could also question the validity of warrant-issued searches if the officers involved went beyond the scope of the warrant or obtained permission to search based on insufficient or dubious probable cause.