Georgia takes the gloves off after your second drinking and driving conviction. The standard punishments ramp up in comparison, but the state also has a few new tricks up its sleeve.

A first-time driving under the influence (DUI) charge in Georgia may come with some leniency, but the second time around the laws call for harsher punishments. You’ll be facing more serious jail time, fines and license suspension. But those aren’t the only things that will come up. Georgia gets more creative on the second offense, and there could be consequences that you didn’t expect.

Refreshing the charges

Georgia has a whole list of things that you may not hear about during a first offense that become standards on the checklist the second time around:

  • Surrender license plates: A repeat offense within five years can lead to the state confiscating any license plates on cars that are in your name. You’ll usually have to hand it over when you enter a guilty plea, or when the court convicts you of a DUI.
  • Receive red stripe license: The state can mark your license after your second time with a red stripe. The eye-catching line runs across the top of your license, and lets officers know your past offenses at a glance. Once Georgia applies the brand, it will likely have to stay for at least seven years. You’ll also need to renew the license every year for the first three years with increased fees.
  • Publish in the newspaper: Your second arrest can also come with a printed notice of your crimes for the county to see. Your name, address, and the time and location of the arrest will all go in the paper. To top it off, your mugshot will print along with the information.

Make sure you know what’s at stake if you come up against a second DUI charge. The typical hits could be multiplied and accompanied by a fresh list of consequences, so be ready with a plan of action when your time in court arrives.