Ignition interlock devices take breath samples from drivers and prevent vehicles from starting and running when alcohol is detected. IIDs have been effective at reducing drunk driving accidents and preventing DUI recidivism, and Georgia residents who have been convicted of driving while under the influence can usually maintain their driving privileges if they install one of the devices.

The Georgia IID Program Covers Both First-time and Repeat Dui Offenders

First-time DUI offenders in Georgia may choose to participate in the program, but repeat offenders must install an IID in all of the vehicles they drive.

Monthly Monitoring

IIDs are monitored remotely on an ongoing basis, but program participants are required to attend a monthly monitoring appointment to ensure that the device is working properly and has not been tampered with.

Full Driving Privileges Are Not Restored

Individuals who participate in Georgia’s IID program are only permitted to use their vehicles to drive to and from work, to and from school, and to attend treatment and monthly monitoring appointments.

Participants Must Complete Drunk Driving Education

Before being approved for an IID, drunk driving offenders must enroll in a drug or alcohol Risk Reduction Program authorized by the Georgia Department of Driver Services and follow a course of treatment determined by the Georgia Department of Human Services.

Offenders Bear the Costs

The costs of participating in the program can add up. DUI offenders must pay $100 to install an IID and $250 to remove it. They are also expected to cover maintenance costs of about $80 per month.

Judges may exempt DUI offenders from participating in the IID program if they lack the financial means to cover the costs of installing and monitoring the devices. However, such individuals will not be eligible for any kind of restricted driver’s license and will be unable to drive for 12 months.